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How To Enjoy Autumn

"As your hair begins to frizz and stick to your lip gloss, it can be hard to overlook the ominous clouds and relentless rain."

I’m currently reading Hannah Jane Parkinson’s The Joy Of Small Things, which is the inspiration for this piece. 

My sister moved our desks to face the window sill so that we ‘benefit from the natural light,’ but it’s mid-afternoon, and it’s dark. At least it’s not raining, I think to myself, and if I wrap up enough I’m sure I can go for a short walk this evening, provided I stick to a busy street. Parks in the dark are never a good idea.

I’ve always favoured the summer months. Long, light days. Not having to spend an eternity faffing around with big coats and scarves and missing gloves before leaving the house. Eating ice-cream, wearing sundresses and showing off golden legs. Tomato salads and good music. 

The term SAD (seasonal affective disorder) was coined in 1984 by Norman Rosenthal to describe depression triggered by the darkness of the Autumn/ Winter months. While the existence of SAD is unequivocal, I think that there are many ways we can lift ourselves out of the doom and gloom of the season.

 As your hair begins to frizz and stick to your lip gloss, it can be hard to overlook the ominous clouds and relentless rain. But ignore how you look (or just accept it, nobody looks that great in Autumn, anyway) and turn your attention to the crunch of curled up leaves beneath your feet, take deep breathes in and inhale their Earthy scent. The sky may be grey, but place your focus not on the dull clouds above but on the dramatic colours covering the landscape. Amber, crimson and scarlet leaves; grass prasine from the rain. Look up and watch the leaves dancing from tree to tree, falling with grace and creating a warm blanket for the bare pavements. Your very own red carpet. 

Lap up the flavours of Autumn. Drink warm butternut soup for lunch, replace your usual mid-afternoon digestive biscuit for a slice of pumpkin pie. Prepare large trays of roasted vegetables. Order the pumpkin spiced latte in Starbucks (almond, decaf, and with a side of yoga pants, of course). Go to the pub and seek out somewhere to enjoy a pint near a roaring fire – think wooden interiors, low ceilings, comfy furnishings and snug corners. Choose a pub that embraces seasonal decorations, including carved pumpkins and bouquets of orange chrysanthemums.

And if the crisp outside air, the apple crumble and the crackling sounds of a log fire don’t do it for you, the colder, darker days will lend you a greater appreciation of the summer months when they eventually arrive.

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