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Goodwood Revival 2021

"... bringing together some of the world’s best racing drivers to perform in some of the most valuable and desirable cars" - Orlando Lindsay

Helena Nuttall

Going a little left-field this week to share a bit about an event I attended a couple of weeks ago; the Goodwood Revival. I’m lucky enough to know a racing driver who’s been attending for years, and he made it his mission to take us to all the best spots and fill us with race-day facts; did you know Goodwood is the only motor event that still allows ‘pit girls?’

Pit Girl

A scantily clad young woman who appears at car races, typically performing duties such as waving the race flag and distributing trophies.

The revival takes us back to the motor racing scene as it was in the ’40s, ’50 & ’60s. Think vintage fashion, traditional funfairs and old-school Ferraris. Crowds of up to 50,000 visit each day (what pandemic?) and the more dressed up you are, the more fun you will have.

Aside from the races (more of that to follow) there were helter skelters, numerous food stands (Pie & a Pint probably the most popular), Veuve Clicquot tents, vintage car displays, shops selling fashion from the era and a big classic car auction. (For those who’ve had too many glasses of champagne and decide to exchange all their worldly possessions for an Aston Martin DB5 .)

Now onto the racing…

Orlando Lindsay is a great friend of mine from university, and has very kindly answered a couple of questions I had for him about Goodwood and what it’s like to be a racing driver.


Why is the revival festival the best racing event of the year?

The revival is such a special event as it incorporates so much from a 40s to 60s dress code, themed attractions and bringing together some of the world’s best racing drivers to perform in some of the most valuable and desirable cars in the world. Everything is done with incredible taste and you really forget the rest of the world is there when you’re at one of these events, with that famous quote ‘Give me Goodwood on a Summer’s day, and you can keep the rest’ from Roy Salvadorie.

How did you get into racing, and how have you managed to balance it alongside uni and now a full time job?

I was very lucky to get into motor racing and growing up I never thought I would get the chance! In the Summer of 2018, I began racing with the objective to race our recently bought Alan Mann Ford Prefect at the Goodwood Revival just 2 ½ months later. This allowed me to do a lot of racing in a very short period of time; to gain enough experience and the upgraded licence required for Goodwood.

Fortunately most racing is on the weekends so I only need to take off the odd day for testing or qualifying to make it work. It just does use up a lot of your holiday!

What is your dream car to race in, and why?

My bucket list car to drive would be the 289 Shelby Cobra in the RAC TT race at the Goodwood Revival. It really is a “since I was young…” kind of car, so iconic and brutal whilst also being a bit of a beast on the race track. The only thing I have been warned is that it is a bit of a wild animal, with so much more torque and power than most of what I’ve driven before!

Who is your favourite racing driver and what do you admire about them?

I’ve never really had a favourite racing driver growing up but if I had to say one it would be Stirling Moss. He was a close friend of my fathers and was a true gentleman driver that a lot of people could learn from, all the way to giving away a F1 world championship!

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