Founder of Love From Hermione on University and Running a Business

"[...]working hard, being focused and giving it 110% and having it pay off is a feeling like no other!"

Helena Nuttall


This week I was lucky enough to interview Hermione Burrell, founder of Love From Hermione. She designs, creates and sells gorgeous contemporary costume jewellery & accessories, alongside studying fine art at university. She has very kindly answered some questions we had for her about how she’s been able to undertake both, her journey so far and her vision for the future of Love From Hermione.

I set up Love From Hermione when I was 18 and in my last year of school. I was incredibly bored of revising for my A Levels so one afternoon I skipped off to HobbyCraft to distract myself. I ended up buying a ‘make your own jewellery kit’ and that is literally where the business started; I sold little beaded necklaces and from that kit (which cost me £12) I made a profit of £245 and from then onwards I was hooked!

From an early I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and when I was 16 I would hire out my clothes to friends for £5 for 24hrs, which looking back sounds awful and rather mean making my friends pay me to wear my clothes! But aside from that it is the creative aspect that I love the most having always been interested in fashion and styling.”

What are you doing at the moment uni wise, and have you enjoyed your uni experience?

I am in my final year studying Fine Art at Oxford Brookes which I have absolutely loved! Before my jewellery even started art was what I wanted to do, so it was natural that I would do it as a degree rather than fashion or jewellery design. The art degree has taught me invaluable lessons about creativity and design as a whole rather than narrowing down and focusing on just fashion design, so I am very grateful I chose Fine Art. 

How have you found running Love From Hermione alongside studying?

I have found it relatively straightforward as my degree is very much self directed and obviously creative which fits perfectly around my business. Having said that I do have to be very strict on time management and organization, there never seems to be enough hours in a day, but somehow I make it work!

What’s your proudest achievement so far with running your jewellery business?

Probably selling on ASOS. I also did a collaboration with designer Jessica Russell Flint which was ridiculously cool! But I love seeing complete strangers out on the street or on social media wearing my pieces, that really gives me a buzz! 

What are your plans for the future of Love From Hermione?

I graduate in May and from then onwards I have decided to run my business full time and expand into clothes which is so exciting! I have already designed samples which have been made for me over in India which I will start developing and putting into production as soon as I graduate.

What would you say your definition of ‘success’ is?

In Blair Waldorf’s iconic words “If you really want something, you don’t stop for anyone or anything until you get it.” And in my opinion, that is success; working hard, being focused and giving it 110% and having it pay off is a feeling like no other!

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