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March 2021

Helena Nuttall

I’ve just returned from The Science Museum Vaccination Centre in South Kensington where I went to receive my first Covid vaccine. The set-up and overall efficiency was impressive – I was in and out within 10 minutes! I feel as though today is a marker in the road back to normality. Passing empty shops and restaurants on my way back suddenly didn’t feel so dismal as given the rate they were handing out vaccine, it shouldn’t be too long now. The vaccine has made me feel just a little bit poorly as I know quite a few other people have, so this afternoon I intend to curl up with a cup of tea and review March for The Notable!

My outlook on Covid and lockdown was always quite a negative one as I found myself dwelling mostly on the fact that a lot of my plans got cancelled, there’s a lot of people I really miss, and generally life has seemed quite boring. But listening to a podcast where the speaker asked us to think of ’10 reasons to be grateful for lockdown,’ I was surprised that I didn’t really need to give it too much thought. While obviously it hasn’t been ideal; more time with the cat, lots of baking and of course the birth of The Notable are just few of the things that sprung to mind. So if you find yourself feeling bitter about the year your life went on hold, perhaps try and write your own list, and you may find yourself feeling more positive.


While February saw a dip in my momentum for reading, it picked up in March as we kicked-off with our World Book Day blog. It gave me the opportunity to recall and revisit my favourites, as each of us wrote about three books that mean the most to us. If you missed this post is still available to read here.

Following the book we selected to review in February, J. Kelly Hoey’s Build You Dream Network, Kirsty and I were thrilled to be invited on Kelly’s social media channels to chat about my review of her book, and about what it’s been like to graduate in the midst of a global pandemic. Click here to view our conversation.

Our book of the month for March was James Clear’s Atomic Habits. As an author and motivational speaker who started out as a blogger I couldn’t help but feel especially inspired. His practical guide consists of advice, case studies and exercises that are applicable to literally anyone wishing get rid of bad habits and replace them with new, better ways. My review is available to read here. Let us know if you’ve read this book, we would love to hear your thoughts!


Kirsty, Ellie and I have a chatted a lot about healthy lifestyle this month. A combination of Winter and lockdown made it more difficult than usual to focus on exercise, fruit and vegetables, but Ellie jumped in to help with explaining why increasing our intakes of water is so beneficial, and how to make it enjoyable. Her advice is available to read here. We also thought about how to set ourselves up for the day while working from home, and Rachel from Flavour and Misbehaviour shared some delicious, healthy breakfast recipes with us. Click here to read The 6 Step Miracle (WFH) Morning Routine.


Melissa on being ‘Brave, Expressive & Inspired’ with Disgraceful Magazine.

“Disgraceful is for every woman who sets out to build her own empire”

After being the victim of misogyny in a role as a duty manager, Melissa realised she needed to create a platform where women can express themselves and challenge the traditional expectations of women in the workplace.

Emily Hallie on Working As Head of Communications For Condé Nast Through A Global Pandemic

“I think trust is the hardest over zoom, so much of my job is built on relationships and it’s been over a year since I’ve seen anyone.”

Kirsty came into contact with Emily through her Condé Nast College course, and interviewed her about her role as a communications director for Condé Nast and the hardships of keeping everything running smoothly through a global pandemic.

Emma and Sanna on Leadership, Marketing, Motivation & Public Speaking

Emma and Sanna both have a different role at Cure Media, a marketing company that focuses on the part that an influencer plays on marketing a product or service. I was inspired by a presentation they gave describing how to measure influencer marketing, and they’ve shared in their interview a bit about what they do and their advice for gaining confidence in public speaking.

Women’s Week

Women’s week this year coincided with the tragic death of Sarah Everard. While Instagram is a powerful platform for us to stick up for Sarah and women all around the world, it can unfortunately be used as a tool for aggression and cyber bullying. For that reason, we decided to take a step away from social media for a few days; to reflect on what had happened and check in with our friends. On Friday 12th March we released this statement:

“On Monday we celebrated the achievements of women. We celebrated how far we have come and the progress that we, as women, have made. All of that had been completely undermined however as of Tuesday morning. What is more sad yet, is that instead of taking this time to reflect and to support each other through this challenging time, people have chosen instead to attack each other on social media, creating a very negative environment. Social media is not a nice place to be at the moment and the last few days have brought up many triggering topics of conversations. For that reason we encourage you to step back from social media and take the time to reach out to your friends and family, have the conversation with them, not a stranger on Twitter who is probably only there to pick a fight. Reach out to your friends who you know have been struggling. Reach out to your friends who are always happy and upbeat. You never know what is going on behind the scenes and more often than not it is the people who are silent and who do not share their thoughts on social media who are struggling the most. With all that in mind, we will be taking a short break from posting. Thank you to those of you who have taken part in interviews with us, we look forward to sharing these later in March. Stay safe and look after yourselves. Kirsty, Ellie & Helena.”

Our Picks This Month

Delicious pancake photograph taken from @henry_harding_fitness


Golden Eye

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The Office


Ghosts by Dolly Alderton


The James Smith Podcast

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Thank you to everyone for all your support this March, and wishing you all a very happy Easter!

Best wishes,

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