The Benefits Of Drinking 2L Of Water A Day

Ellie Birch

The Importance of Drinking Water 

Back in late September 2020, after my 22nd Birthday, I decided to embark upon a healthier a lifestyle. Three years of “student-ing” had meant I had developed bad habits and routines. I did not sleep enough, I certainly did not partake in much exercise and I had a bad diet. Whilst desperately researching ways to maintain a good level of health, I found countless articles recommending people to drink more water. I thought… “That sounds simple enough, right?” So, this is when I decided to really look into the benefits of drinking more water.

How much water should we really be drinking?

There seems to be a little confusion about how much water we should drink- many websites and articles seem to adopt different levels of thinking when it comes to this. However, the NHS Eatwell Guide suggests we should drink ‘6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day’. So if we say each glass is on average about 250ml, that should equal out at about 2 litres of water a day. Having said this, it is worth taking into account that some people will require more/less than others depending on activity levels, gender, age and any health conditions etc. So, I got myself a 2 litre water bottle and decided I would give it a go. 

How do I get through 2 litres of water a day?

“Drinking more water can’t be that hard, surely?” I thought. Oh, how I was wrong! To be blunt, we need water to live. But it is clear that a lot of us do not take this on board enough each day. As I increased my water intake, I really struggled to keep up with it. We lead busy lives and it can be so easy to neglect ourselves and our needs. Over the past few months though, I have found a few methods that have made it a little easier…

1. Your water bottle is your best mate – I literally take my water bottle EVERYWHERE! The truth is, if we have it to hand, we are more likely to reach for it. Also, I found that by having a water bottle, it can be easier to track your consumption a little more. For any competitive folks out there, I made this into a kind of game… ‘Ellie vs The Water Bottle’. 

2. It does not have to be boring – Water all day, everyday may seem incredibly repetitive and bland. So, why not switch it up a bit? I often added sugar free squash to my water bottle to give it some flavour. Another top tip of mine was to use a nice glass and fill it with ice, fresh lemon and mint and *tadaahh* you have an instant thirst quencher! 

3. Set yourself targets – Give yourself little goals to get through by different times in the day. This soon becomes quite satisfying each time you reach a goal! Find what works for you as there is no point setting yourself unrealistic targets. 

4. Make it routine – Find moments within your daily routine to drink more water. Drinking a glass of water is the first thing I do in the morning and the last thing I do at night. I also punctuate my day with regular glasses of water with every meal and when I take breaks from work. 

Benefits I found drinking 2 litres of water a day:

1. Clearer skin – prior to increasing my water intake, I had quite bad skin. Whilst it still is not perfect, I have really noticed a marked improvement in my complexion and a decrease in blemishes. 

2. Feeling productive – Wow! This was a big one for me! You know that feeling when you wake up, you feel really sleepy still and can’t seem to get into the right mindset for the day? Well, I started noticing that if I got up and had a couple of cold glasses of water, I would feel much more alert and ready for the day. I found that I could think, focus and concentrate a lot better when more hydrated.

3. May aid weight loss – I understand that this is not for everyone, so please disregard this point if you do not feel this should apply for you. As mentioned previously, I am currently trying to adapt to a healthier lifestyle and lose some weight. There are many research studies which seem to suggest that drinking water may help to boost metabolism and improve potential for weight loss. I can not personally say whether this is true. However, alongside regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet… I certainly lost a few pounds by drinking more water.

4. Reduces headaches – As a blogger and an ‘at-home worker’, I spend most of my days sat staring at my laptop screen. As a result, I used to regularly experience bad headaches. Drinking more water has helped to keep me hydrated and reduce headache symptoms a lot. 

Recently we were lucky enough to interview ‘Belu’ Water’s CEO Natalie Campbell. To read this article and to find learn more about how they support the water provision charity ‘Water Aid’, please click the link below.

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