#BYDN Virtual Watercooler with Kelly Hoey

Helena Nuttall and Kirsty Turbott

Following our review last month of Build Your Dream Network by Kelly Hoey, we were lucky enough to go Live on her Youtube, LinkedIn and Twitter channels. We talked about The Notable and what it’s been like to graduate in the midst of a global pandemic, and then we asked her our questions on networking. It was amazing to see people from all over the world tune in – but don’t worry if you missed it – scroll down for the link!

“Studies are revealing that successful women have structurally different networks than men (plus they use them differently). No, women can’t simply build a network the way the guys do, if they want to be successful.”

Kelly is currently seeking volunteers to participate in a series of surveys that she is conducting. Participants will answer weekly surveys over 8 weeks – all multiple choice or check-boxes, so not a massive time commitment. 
Those women who are interested can sign up here

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