The 6 Step Miracle (WFH) Morning Routine

Helena Nuttall

We may be in lockdown but that’s no reason for us to neglect our morning routines – in fact – they’re more important than ever!

How we set up ourselves up for each day can have such an impact on our productivity, and while we’re lacking in the usual motivation that stems from commuting to an office each day we may need to think more carefully about “how to get into the zone.”

I hope that with the help of these steps you’ll be able to craft the perfect morning routine to begin your day.

Step 1 – Don’t hit snooze!

Reaching for the snooze button is likely to make you feel more groggy and unmotivated

Step 2 – Drink a full glass of water

Helps to rehydrate the body and wake you up

Step 3 Have a shower (cold if you can bare it!)

People swear by their cold showers for all manner of reasons including: increasing circulation, improving hair & skin and boosting weight-loss, but we are still in the early days of Spring, so a warm shower is better than by none!

Step 4 – Write a to-do list

Ticking off tasks on a to-list is a rewarding way to keep on track with what you’re doing

Step 5Get dressed up

Helps to achieve a sense of normality and establish routine (have you seen our #wfh look book?)

Step 6 – Treat yourself by making a delicious & nutritious breakfast

Why not use the time you’d normally spend on a commute cooking up a storm?

Rachel from Flavour and Misbehaviour has shared 3 of her favourite breakfast recipes with us:

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