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February 2021

Helena Nuttall

Photo by Henry Harding

Despite being the shortest month everything feels dramatically different to how it was 4 weeks ago. Longer, lighter days, vaccines rolling out quickly and the roadmap out of lockdown announced. We may still have a little while left of lockdown, but there is definitely sense of light at the end of the tunnel.

Another month of exciting interviews…

“Success means different things to different people, personally success shouldn’t be measured on monetary value. […] If you’re not happy in relationships, if you’re not healthy, if you haven’t got good friends and family, [success] is pretty shallow.”

Marius Hurley-Bennett

And on the blog… stylish, affordable and comfy work from home looks and 5 ways to overcome imposter syndrome …

Our book of the month this February was How To Build Your Dream Network by J. Kelly Hoey. We are really excited to be collaborating with J. Kelly Hoey, and looking forward to beginning the mastermind Networks Women Need. Thank you to all who signed up, this is a fabulous opportunity for all of us!

Wishing you all a happy March – the last month that we will be in full lockdown for.

The Notable x

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