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Work From Home Looks

Helena Nuttall

How many of you have taken to staying in pyjamas / loungewear to work from home?

Considering as I write this I’m wrapped in a blanket and it’s snowing outside, I can hardly blame you.

Who’s going to see us anyway?


After having the discussion with Kirsty, we both agreed that we find ourselves working far more productively when we’ve taken some time to brush our hair, get dressed and put a little bit of make-up on. It does truly set the tone for the day, and helps us to forget that we’re working from our bedrooms.

While we agreed it would be better to dress up a little bit, we still think comfort (and warmth!) is important, and without breaking the bank.

So after doing some research, Kirsty has created the perfect, affordable and comfy work from home look book.

H&M V Neck Blouse £12.99

H&M Boucle Mini Skirt £29.99

H&M Knit Cashmere Jumper £79.99

H&M Frill Trimmed Blouse £19.99


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