5 Ways to Overcome Impostor Syndrome

Harleny Vasquez

Do you ever feel like a fraud? Trying to shake off that feeling of never feeling good enough. Let me tell you that feeling is absolutely normal, we all go through it and those feelings are known as impostor syndrome. It’s important to first recognize that you hold all the power to change the way you think about yourself; awareness is the first step.

Throughout our entire lifetime, there will always be a particular area in our life that we feel we are not adequate enough to achieve, in which at times it can prevent us from taking risks and going after our dreams. We may think we don’t have enough experience to land a management role, or even think we are not smart enough to get another degree, but I want to remind you that your thoughts influence the type of actions that you decide to take. I want to share some tips that can you help you overcome impostor syndrome.

1. Learn to block out all of the noise. There is so much noise within the job market of what success looks like, learn to define your own version of success.

2. Learn to reframe your thoughts. Write down all of your limiting beliefs and reframe all of those negative thoughts into positive thoughts (building that awareness is key).

3. Name your Inner Impostor to take away its power

4. Reminder yourself that you are in control of your thoughts. This is your life, and you can decide what route you want to take within your career.

5. Celebrate all your success along the way, big or small. Give yourself the validation that you deserve.

The only way to stop feeling like an impostor is to OWN YOUR VOICE.

Meet the founder:

Harleny Vasquez is a Licensed Social Worker and a Latinx Woman of color. She is the founder of her consulting business yourEVOLVEDmind, where she is a career coach helping social workers with personal branding, Linkedin marketing and teaches them all of the tools they need to secure their next opportunity using the Linkedin platform. She is an experienced social worker with over 8 years working in the field of social services with children and families residing in underserved communities. Harleny is on a mission to uplift and evaluate the social work profession.

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