Marius Hurley – Bennett: A Career in Recruitment, CVs & Ironman Triathlons

“Success means different things to different people, personally success shouldn;t be measured by monetary value. [...] If you’re not happy in your relationships, if you’re not healthy, if you haven’t got good friends and family, [success] is pretty shallow.”

Kirsty Turbott

Marius Hurley-Bennett is 28 and has been working in recruitment for around seven years. He started his career through an apprenticeship which he applied for online, and while he had never considered recruitment at school, after working for a few different agencies, he now manages a team at SR2 (Socially Responsible Recruitment). 

He explains that a typical day in recruitment can be pretty varied. He usually begins with a meeting with the rest of his team (obviously due to Covid these currently take place online) to go through the plan for the day. This includes who the team are going to contact and what they are currently working on, as well as making sure that everyone feels happy and supported. As the day goes on, he might find himself engaging with clients or talking to candidates. Marius explains that working in recruitment is essentially “putting candidate and client together and managing the process in between.” In addition to this, they work with businesses to ensure that they have good diversity and inclusivity within their hiring process such as checking for bias in their job descriptions, for example. They also organise and run events, a lot of which are focused on the tech industry. These events are essentially networking events where they bring together speakers, companies and prospective candidates. 

While Marius clearly has a successful career in recruitment, when talking about how he may not have had the most conventional start to his career, having chosen not to go to university, he admits that when he was at school, he wasn’t always the most focused as he essentially didn’t know what he wanted to do. He went to college where he studied public services although he knew that wasn’t what he wanted to do. After taking some time to travel, he began a sales apprenticeship in recruitment and hasn’t looked back since. He explains that working in recruitment allows you to be the “master of your own destiny” and that you can “progress as quickly as you perform”. With the role being largely commission based, he says that this is a big source of motivation. 

He also talked about how recruitment as a whole is changing and “the narrative is shifting”. Companies are used to hiring graduates with 2:1s from Red Brick universities, however now there is increasing open mindedness about hiring candidates who perhaps don’t have degrees, but have the relevant skills and experience. 

With this in mind, I asked him for some of his top tips about what makes a candidate stand out: 

How your CV is presented. Does it read well? Is it clear? A CV that is too long and too confusing will put people off. 

Make you CV “outcome focused”. Explain what you have done by focusing on the objectives and what you were responsible for, and how that helped the company. Give specific examples of what you achieved. 

Tailor your CV to each different job. Focus on the skills you have that are relevant to that job and really highlight them. 

In terms of a creative CV versus a basic CV, Marius warns against creating a CV with “too much going on”. 

He explains that the most successful CVs are:

  • Short (1-3 pages) 
  • Clear
  • Chronological
  • Consistent (same font/ size throughout) 

In addition to his demanding job in recruitment, Marius has another big passion; the Ironman Triathlon. An Ironman triathlon is a swim, a cycle and a marathon, and in 2018 Marius completed one of these in Lanzarote. He believes that while it is important to be passionate about your 9 to 5, having something you are equally passionate about outside of work is crucial. 

Marius incorporates fitness into his life as he essentially believes that having hobbies and other interests outside of work is part of what makes for a successful career. At The Notable we are trying to define the term ‘success’ and highlight the fact that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to the term, and with that in mind I asked Marius what his definition of success is: 

“Success means different things to different people, personally success shouldn;t be measured by monetary value. […] If you’re not happy in your relationships, if you’re not healthy, if you haven’t got good friends and family, [success] is pretty shallow.” 

He believes that a mixture of hobbies, good relationships and a career all combine to make success. 

I concluded the interview by asking Marius what the best advice he has even been given is. “Act as if” he said. To explain this, he said to imagine you’re in a job and are hoping to be promoted. For this to happen, you need to get noticed and stand out. He says to “act as if” you have already been promoted by taking it upon yourself to support others, help out where it’s needed, motivate the rest of your team, and essentially go above and beyond to stand out. By showing that you have the attributes and the skills to be a leader, when the time comes for the person in charge to promote someone, there’s a good chance they’ll choose you.


  1. An excellent piece about a highly motivated character. It is nice to see the recognition that a measurement of success is not monetary wealth. So wise for such a young man.

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