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January 2021

Helena Nuttall

The start to 2021 hasn’t been the one we had in mind as we were put into yet another lockdown pretty much from the get-go.  As I write this there’s confusion over when school children will be able to return and what the detrimental affect will be on this generation’s overall quality of education. With businesses struggling to stay afloat amongst capitol riots, dutch-anti lockdown riots and the stock-market taking a bizarre turn, I think it’s ok to admit that most of us won’t have landed our dream jobs, won the lottery or made a ground-breaking discovery yet this year. The odds have been far from in our favour, and if you’ve spent most of your time sitting on your sofa absorbing most of Netflix, chances are you are not alone!

I do hope, though, that The Notable has been able to sprinkle a bit of its positivity your way!


Our interviews so far this year share an inspiring insight into varying industries – the links are below in case you missed them!

“Do what makes you happy and what you think will make you the best version of yourself.”

Our first interview this year was with Sam Ison who is very close to becoming a qualified commercial airline pilot flying an Airbus A320. He tell us what it was like to give up uni and fulfil his dream. 

“[…] look at what you have already achieved and think of the exciting opportunities that await you.”

Anne Piotrowski was our second interviewee. She shared with us her exciting career journey, and how she landed her role as a Digital Growth & Marketing Expert for Google. She also discusses her efforts towards living more sustainably.

“Working for myself and being my own boss is for sure the most important aspect of Depop for me.”

Our third interview was with Celia Marment, founder of Celiapops. We asked her what it was like to run her business alongside studying full time. A perfect read for anyone interested in the sustainable fashion industry!

My Notable Success


This year we kicked off a series revolving around the subject of ‘success.’ We throw the word around a lot considering it’s something that looks completely different for everyone, so we’ve decided to explore it. Sophie from Pretty Little Marketing and Freya from Let’s Talk About Work both did a thought-provoking interview with us on this topic.


5 Ways To Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep

A lot of us have been finding it more difficult to get off to sleep; a combination of the unusual time we’re going through and not being able to get out much as a result of lockdown and bad weather. We decided to compile a list of tips for getting a good night’s sleep, and spoke to Sleepy Mama By Jade about her 100% percent natural sleep aids.

Book Of The Month


January’s book of the month was Fearne Cotton’s Speak Your Truth. Fearne is honest and relatable, and her book is a wonderful combination of helpful and reassuring. Thank you Fearne!

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What we’ve been enjoying this month:


  1. Speak Your Truth – Fearne Cotton

2. Everything I know About Love – Dolly Alderton

3. How Not To Die – Michael Gregner


  1. The Simple Politics Podcast

2. Happy Place

3. Deliciously Ella

TV / Film

  1. The Queen’s Gambit

2. Married At First Sight

3. Bridgerton


  1. https://jkellyhoey.co/

2. https://www.letstalkaboutwork.co.uk/

3. https://www.prettylittlemarketer.com/


We are so grateful for all your support this month, and looking forward to sharing something new and exciting with you tomorrow!

Best wishes,

The Notable x

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