Celia Marment Founder of Celiapops – Depop Top Seller

“Working for myself and being my own boss is for sure the most important aspect of Depop for me”

Helena Nuttall

Firstly, please could you tell us a bit about yourself and the story behind Celiapops?

My name is Celia Marment, owner of @celiapops shop on Depop. I’m 21 years old and graduated from Newcastle University earlier this year (2020), studying Psychology. I have been selling on Depop for about 5 years where I started out by just selling my old clothes. Eventually I started buying second hand items from eBay and realised they could sell for profit on Depop. I then began to expand my sources, leading the shop to become the business that it is today!

How did you manage your time while running Celiapops as well as being a full-time student?

Balancing university and depop was tricky at times. Luckily as the business grew when I went into 2nd and 3rd year, I had more free time to work independently and to try and fit Depop in with my schedule. I had great friends around me who were super helpful with modelling the clothes so I would do one or two big photographing days a week to try and power through as much stock as possible. This meant I had lots of stock ready on my phone to be listed which provided a perfect in-bed activity to do when I was hungover! I knew it was important to prioritise the degree over the shop at that time, so I made a point of not putting too much pressure on myself with Depop as tempting as it can be.

What’s the best and worst thing about working for yourself?

Working for myself and being my own boss is for sure the most important aspect of Depop for me. I love having my own space and being independent to make my own decisions about what work needs to be done. The flip side of this is that it can be a lot of pressure since your earnings directly depend on how hard you work. I get to chose my own hours but technically the work never stops as people are always on their phones, so setting boundaries with the work is definitely vital.

What are your goals for the future of Celiapops?

We are so excited to start launching our own designs at the beginning of next year (2021) so developing and expanding the line will be our main priority. We also plan on converting to a fully carbon neutral postal service app called Mule which will help in reducing our carbon footprint and ultimately aid in making us a more ethical and sustainable brand.

Do you think Depop is the way forward for sustainable fashion?

80 billion new garments are currently purchased every year. If fast fashion continues at this rate, the industry will account for 26% of the global carbon budget by 2050. An unbelievable amount of 2nd hand garments exist, most of which currently end up in land fills or are incinerated. To have a platform where sellers can make even a portion of the 2nd hand out there more accessible to consumers is such brilliant thing. The sustainable fashion industry is ever growing and hopefully Depop will help in allowing 2nd hand to become more mainstream.

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