Helena’s Charity 25km

Helena Nuttall

Yesterday I ran 25km for CalmZone, the charity we have chosen to support this year. Thank you so much for all the donations so far, we’ve already tripled our original target! Remember by donating just £4 you are eligible to win one of our fantastic prizes! The photos below document my progress…

While I was running yesterday it was announced that London, most of Essex and parts of Hertfordshire will be moving into tier 3 from midnight tonight as a result of the discovery of a new and potentially more contagious variant of the coronavirus. While the objective of this is obviously to prevent / slow down the spread of the virus and save lives, it puts hundreds of thousands of jobs at risk. The hospitality sector including hotels, restaurants and pubs will have spent a huge amount of time and money getting all prepared for Christmas, only to be told with very little notice that they must shut. Theatres too which have only just managed to start up again have been ordered to close their doors. A huge wave of unease and disappointment will be spreading across these areas.

I realised while running just how important the service that CALM provides will be this Christmas, and urge us all to do as much as we can to look out for others and keep everyone feeling hopeful. 

Thank you again for all the support!

Helena x

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