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07/12/20 – 13/12/20

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Helena Nuttall

Now that we’re out of lockdown and Christmas day is quickly approaching, the high streets are once again busy with Christmas shoppers. Besides writing Christmas cards and putting up festive decorations, on The Notable we’ve been busy preparing for the raffle. With exactly a week to go until we announce the lucky winners, we’ve spent the last few days announcing prizes…if you’ve missed our posts this week here’s a summary 🙂

1. A masterclass with J Kelly Hoey, a networking expert

2. A career masterclass with Freya, founder of Let’s Talk About Work

3. A tote bag by Oopsiedaisyuk

4. Digital print by Prints by Milly

5. A tote bag by Windflowersewing

6. Delicious baking by Baked by Lil

Along with the charity raffle, I will be running 5 X 5km (25km throughout the day) tomorrow to raise money for CALM.

For more information about my run, the prizes, the charity and why we’ve chosen it, see the ‘Charity Raffle’ section on our website. Our Christmas cards are also for sale, with 10% of our profits being donated.

Christmastime for all the joy that it brings isn’t an easy time for everyone, and often those suffering do so in silence. CALM offers a fantastic support system, and after such a challenging year for all, these services are more important than ever. It’s £4 to enter the raffle, but any donations will be gratefully appreciated whether or not you wish to enter our raffle.

Good luck to all those entering, and thank you for your support!

Helena x

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