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Faye started her tote bags business during lockdown, and has very kindly donated one of her designs to our charity raffle. She’s answered some questions for us to tell us a little bit about her business, and about the prize…


Firstly can you tell us a bit about the bags, and what inspired you to set up your shop on Etsy and Depop?

All my tote bags are 100% cotton. I machine embroider all my own designs onto the bags. Recently I have been designing more totes for a coloured collection releasing soon. 

I was inspired to start my own business during lockdown as I wanted to focus my mind on something  and it has always been a goal for me to start my own business. I have always been passionate about current fashion treads and textiles designs. During my gap year I wanted to nurture my passion for this and that’s when I decided to start my own business.  I have always loved embroidery, it was one of my favourite media’s to work on in textiles A-Level. I was inspired to look into tote bags as I believe in day to day life it is a product everyone needs whether for shopping, carrying your belongings or laptop for work. I believe these embroidered totes bring a more personal feel. Also being eco-friendly and organic hopefully they will stop the use of plastic.

What have been the highs and lows of running this business?

There are definitely highs and lows of running a small business, the highs for me are every time I get an order, even if it’s not many, you get this rush of joy. I also love the design process of coming up with the ideas and having new bags being released soon. The lows are that it can get stressful having to promote on different platforms daily and sometimes when you don’t get any orders in the day I can feel deflated.

What are you long-term goals for Oopsiedaisyuk?

My long term goals for Oopsiedaisyuk would be to expand my business even more looking at different varieties of products to embroider and expanding my designs further, reaching a bigger audience.

What have you found to be the best the platform to promote your bags?

I have found that the best platform currently to promote my products is Instagram. Having connected with other small business owners like myself brings a sense of community, we’re all helping one another.

Do you have any advice for people wishing to create and sell their own products?

My advice for anyone wishing to start their own business would be to be organised with it all, even though I may have some days where I don’t feel like this at all I will make sure I always have a to do list with me! Also another point would be having a USP (unique selling point) which makes your brand stand out from the rest and makes it unique to you.

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