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16/11/20 – 22/11/20

Helena Nuttall

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With the evenings drawing in early and nowhere open to go out to, Netflix has truly come into its own. Who else managed to watch a whole season of The Queen’s Gambit within a matter of days? Season 4 of The Crown was also released last Sunday which has quickly become the discussion in vogue. Waterstones has composed its lists of The Best Politics Books of 2020 and The Best Crime & Thrillers Books of 2020, so thankfully there’s plenty to entertain ourselves with from home.

The end of lockdown is in reach but moving into a tier three system after makes the return to normal feel further away. On The Notable we will do our best to enter into a festive spirit, starting with a Christmas Raffle in aid of Calm Zone. Stay tuned for more information…and to find out more about the charity and the work that it does, click on the link below!

The head of the US coronavirus vaccine programme has announced their goal to begin administering them from as soon as the 11th December. Fingers crossed!

On Tuesday Kirsty had the pleasure of interviewing Natalie Campbell, CEO of Belu Water. She tells us about the brand she works for and its mission, as well as what she dreamt of doing as a young child and her journey into this prestigious role. Click the link below to have a read!

Following Ellie’s interview last Thursday Kirsty interviewed me this week. In addition to this we went live on Instagram on Friday evening with a glass and half of wine… our video is still available to watch on IGTV. (There may be more of this ahead….) Click the link below for my interview, thank you Kirsty for such thought provoking questions!

Wishing you all a good week,

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