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02/11/20 – 08/11/20

Helena Nuttall

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While we find ourselves stuck at home for round two of lockdown, the current politics is enough to keep us feeling adrenaline-charged. Is a second lockdown really going to help save lives? And if so, what are the indirect consequences of keeping everyone ‘locked-down’? Trying to achieve a balance between saving lives and saving the economy is certainly an unenviable task.

We were also on the edge of our seats waiting for the much anticipated election result, and after four days of suspense Biden secured the place as president of the USA. The turnout for voters was much higher than previous elections, with up to 72.1% of the population voting, a comparison stark with the mere 59.2% in 2016. The impact that COVID and its potential to disrupt the electoral process is unknown, and with a result much closer than predicted, there is likely to be a strong feeling of divide between individuals and on a greater scale between states. Biden must open his population up to putting aside difference in political opinion and try to achieve a sense of union in America. Kamala Harris is the first female, first Black and first South-Asian to serve as Vice-President, representing a positive new era of diversity in the political sector.

The current circumstances along with the political excitement of this week has unfortunately resulted in a lack of coverage and focus for Remembrance Sunday. Although we are not able to gather together in honour of those who lost their lives to save our own, there are still a number of ways we can pay our respects from home.

Express compiled a list for us, which includes:

  • a two minute silence
  • supporting the poppy appeal
  • watching the Cenotaph ceremony

I also think reading or listening to stories of those who fought or those who lost a love one is an excellent way to educate yourself and feel gratitude, especially as it is so easy at the moment to focus inwards and feel sorry for ourselves.

This week’s focus on the creative industries comes about at a time in which they face more adversity than ever. COVID has meant those in the industry have been left unable to perform and are facing a lack of funding. We therefore felt it was necessary to remind us all just how important the arts are in our everyday life. Kirsty wrote a wonderful piece explaining what the arts meant to her, if you haven’t had a chance already, it is definitely worth a read!

What Do The Creative Arts Mean To You?

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Wishing you all a good week,

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