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12/10/20 – 18/10/20

Helena Nuttall

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This week we reached 400 followers on Instagram…thank you to everyone for all your support!

As many of us are now living in areas of Tier 2 & 3 lockdown, I hope that The Notable is able to provide you all with some positivity. If you’re not able to land your dream job at the moment due to the current circumstances, it’s a good idea to use some of your time for research. It’ll mean that when companies are able to start hiring again, you’ll be as prepared as possible. Besides career research I can recommend going for walks, cooking, speaking to friends or getting lost in a good book.

This week our theme was ‘Placement Years, Graduate Schemes and Internships,’ and with many of them (fingers crossed) going ahead either in January or September of next year, getting advice from those who have already completed one is invaluable for getting cracking with applications.

Kirsty conducted a series of mini interviews with three young women who have completed one of the aforementioned. Frances talks about an internship that progressed to a graduate scheme at Deloitte, Thea talks about her internship at L’Oreal, and Chessie tells us about how she succeeded in getting a place on a graduate scheme at Dalclour. These informative interviews are available to read on both Instagram and on our website.

Graduate Schemes, Placements & Internships

On a Thursday evening Instagram Live Kirsty spoke to Freya, a graduate career coach from @letstalksaboutwork. The video provides excellent advice on how to find and apply for your dream job. It is available to watch on Instagram (@thenotable) – thank you Freya and Kirsty!

The book we are currently reading as part of The Notable Bookclub is Adam Kay’s This Is Going To Hurt, which we will review on Tuesday. If you haven’t already had a chance to read it – there’s still time! And remember to send us any of your feedback, we’d love to know what you think.

We have an exciting announcement on Monday…stayed tuned…

… And have a great week!

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