Naomi Gale – ‘Stepping Away from Social Media and Incorporating Calm into Busy Lives’

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I came across Naomi Gale during an Instagram scrolling session a few years ago. I instantly adored her account (@thisisnaomigale); it was one of the first accounts I had encountered which was brutally honest, personal and reflective of the struggles of life. It was inspiring! Naomi has always been open to discussing anything from fertility to family, mental health to mindfulness, and body positivity to business. More recently, she has openly discussed her decision to take time away from social media and devoting time into courses such as learning how to be a sound and crystal healing therapist. Naomi has also recently set up a podcast called ‘Letters to a Down to Earth Girl’ wherein she discusses many interesting topics. We were so excited when Naomi agreed to be interviewed for our blog as part of our ‘Mindfulness Week’. We hope that you can take away some tips and tricks about how to incorporate some calm and mindfulness into your busy lives.

For the purpose of our readers, please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about what you do?

Thank you so much for having me on your wonderful blog! My name is Naomi. I have three children all a result of fertility treatment with my husband and live in Sussex. I am a qualified fertility awareness practitioner helping people find their fertile windows to sack off contraception or aim for a babe. I am a sound and crystal healing therapist through crystal sound bowls and fertility massage therapist. I am also doing a connective breath-work female empowerment course which is amazing. 

How would you describe your life and career to a stranger in a few words?

I empower people to tap into the feminine power which lies dormant for many in our abdomen. 

How do you attempt to incorporate calm and mindfulness into your busy life?

Sometimes with great difficulty with three children 4 and under…! But in general, I manage to get up before they do and I always have 30 mins of journaling then exercise whether that be a meditation on insight timer while intuitively stretching on a yoga mat or using a kettle bell. Then anything on top of that is a win which normally happens after their bedtime. We have strict routines here to help with my own mindfulness throughout the week as well as theirs. 

Why and how did you decide to take some time away from social media?

Ha! For a whole host of reasons. Back in July someone messaged me who I had ‘known’ for a long while and out of the blue told me I was losing followers because people were just sick and tired of hearing what I had to say about the topics I chat about…in so many words. I am an empath so this cut to the core. I know that it wasn’t me as such but I am over people feeling that it’s OK to message people such things before they have done the work for themselves and their emotional literacy…my question is would half of what people say online even be said in actual real life. Ya know…in the flesh. I decided to take a break for my mental health for a month. I completely deleted the app. It was the first time I was able to do this as I had a job for a company using Instagram and I was on furlough. I realised how much the constant dm’s, scrolling and posting was really upsetting my balance. There’s a great book called: How To Build A Health Brain by Kimberley Wilson…read it for surrreeee. After this book and my break, I decided to do a course on marketing without social media and that’s it really. I now consciously take time away posting only when I have something I want to share and most of the time the app is deleted on my phone and blocked on my laptop (Blocksite– which shows cute pictures of a dog when you try to access one of your blocked sites).

What sort of things would you recommend people to do who are struggling to take some time for mindfulness?

I really recommend finding anything that works for you that isn’t in front of a screen. Get back into actual paper books, take time to meditate using insight timer, get yourself a calm playlist on Spotify, get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat as healthily as you can, exercise and get in touch with the inner workings of your mind and your body. 

What advice would you give your younger-self?

I really want to model being present to my children. They are growing up in a world that in some respects is more connected than ever before but in other aspects is so disconnected. I would love to tell my younger self to consider the impact my choices made to my mental health which ultimately led to two pretty major burn-outs in my 20s. 

Do you have any mindfulness/lifestyle goals/plans for the future?

As I have spent the last year training, I now have wonderful plans to help people get in touch with their wombs in ways they may have never considered before. For myself…to just continue to improve the amount of times I spend time in calm each week as my children grow and become slightly more independent. 

For more information about Naomi…

Naomi’s Instagram – @thisisnaomigale

Naomi’s Website –

Naomi’s Podcast – Letters to a Down to Earth Girl (Can be listened to on many podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify)

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