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05/10/20 – 11/10/20

Helena Nuttall

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Another week in this extraordinary time we’re living through – Scotland is essentially in lockdown again, while Trump reassures us via an Instagram post not to be afraid of the virus. I turn on the radio and hear of very little else. Of course it’s important to stay up to date, but I challenge you to seek out other news. If you look hard enough, you’ll realise there truly is more to life than Covid! As of 24th September David Attenborough is on Instagram, sharing his thoughts on our planet and its future. If you’re feeling bogged down with the ‘Covid World’ I can recommend watching some of his upbeat videos telling us what we can do to slow down climate change. You’ll see there are other things going on that require our attention.

This week has been Motivation Week on The Notable, and I feel it came at just the right time!

On Tuesday we launched our book club. Every fortnight we will select a career related book and follow it up with live video discussions as well as written reviews. We’d like to know your thoughts on each book – so please get in touch! Book clubs are an excellent way to gain a wider perspective than you otherwise would reading alone, and it’s also a great way to actually get on with the reading that we are often likely to put off to a later date.

The first book we are reading is This Is Going To Hurt by Adam Kay.

“Adam Kay left his career in medicine to become a writer, and his first book This Is Going To Hurt is based on his diaries as a doctor. His book was an instant success, has hit many bestseller lists and sold over a million copies.”

Our next book will be announced on the 20th October.

The Notable Book Club Week 1

Kirsty’s Top Tip Tuesday for motivation was “Success doesn’t find you. You have to go out and get it.” It’s our daily habits that will helps us to achieve our goals and create success, so why not start today?

On Friday Kirsty was lucky enough to interview Jessica from The Career Exclusive. She tells us about her three jobs, and motivates us to ‘JUST START!’ any project or challenge that we’ve thought about but been putting off. If you’re feeling discouraged at the moment, I would definitely give this a read.

Jessica – The Career Exclusive

On Saturday we each wrote about what motivation means to us, especially given the current circumstances. I hope those who have had a chance to read it found it relatable and reassuring too.

What Keeps Us Motivated

Wishing you all a motivated week, and looking forward to sharing lots of exciting content with you!

Please stay in touch –

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