The Notable Book Club Week 1

Helena Nuttall

To kickstart ‘Motivation Week’ on The Notable we are setting up a book club.

The benefits of reading are endless, from strengthening the brain to reducing stress. Participating in a book club may be the push you need to actually get going with your reading. Our aim is to create a platform whereby anybody can get involved, and instead of just the one perspective we have reading alone, we will have many.

Every fortnight we will be selecting a career related book, which will be followed up with a discussion on an Instagram Live as well as a written review.

We would love our followers to get involved – please drop us a message either through Instagram, Facebook or LinkdIn – we would love to know your thoughts.

Book 1: (06/10/20 – 20/10/20)

This Is Going To Hurt – Adam Kay

Adam Kay left his career in medicine to become a writer, and his first book This Is Going To Hurt is based on his diaries as a doctor. His book was an instant success, has hit many bestseller lists and sold over a million copies.

We can’t wait to hear what you think,

Happy reading!

The Notable x

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