Jolie Andreatta – The Costume Designer behind ‘Suits’ and ‘Pearson’

Kirsty Turbott

This week, I had the absolute pleasure of asking costume designer Jolie Andreatta some questions. Jolie is a US based costume designer and her most notable work is probably creating the amazing looks that the TV shows ‘Suits’ and later the spin off show, ‘Pearson’ became so well known and acclaimed for. Jolie is the mastermind behind characters such as Jessica Pearson’s (played by Ginna Torres) and Donna Paulsen’s (played by Sarah Rafferty) stunning wardrobes. From power suits to statement pieces, Jolie Andreatta has worked with some amazing designers to create arguably one of the best dressed casts in TV history.

I asked Jolie to tell us a little bit about what she does and what inspires her… 

My name is Jolie Andreatta, I’m a second generation Californian with my Grandparents coming from Spain, Italy and Scotland. After growing up in Santa Barbara, Big Sur, and Carmel, I moved to Los Angeles and fell into costume design. 

My Mom was a Ballerina and continued even while having five children.  So, along with my brothers and sisters, I basically grew up watching her from backstage. It was magical.

I’ve always been a fan of fashion thanks to my Mother’s Vogue magazines, which brings us to the show “SUITS”. “SUITS” allowed me to bring the pages of Vogue to life on screen.

I found so many treasures to use on “SUITS” from all the big fashion houses, but Dior has always been one of my favourites. I also fancy using Vintage. 

Working on “SUITS” was a dream come true, the budget to buy the most gorgeous clothes, the trust and freedom the cast, directors, producers, and the Studio gave me to create the look was incredible and rare. 

I would have to say my proudest achievement comes at two different times:

One from the ability to make the ensemble cast of SUITS each look and feel special in their individual ways.  No one ever felt less than or left out. 

The other time was on a show I did call “BLONDE”. There was a main little girl actress that I was dressing, while a room of extra/background little girls watched.  After the actress’ fitting, I made it a point to make each one of the other little girls feel just as special as the little girl “actress”.  It was a wonderful night.  The next day I was walking to the set when I heard my name being joyously yelled to me by the group of incredible little girls I had dressed the night before. This still brings a smile to my heart.

My advice for getting into costume design is if you love it, you will succeed. There’s no rhyme or reason, or clear path to getting into film. You just have to find a door and walk through it. Be honest, kind, listen, watch and you’ll grow into what you want to become. 

For more info about Jolie please follow her on her Instagram – @jolieandreatta

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