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07/09/20 – 13/09/20

This Week On The Notable

Helena Nuttall

Notable people. Notable stories. Notable ideas.

On Monday Summer Dunscombe (founder of Field to Home) answered some questions I had for her about her creative business. She told us that it was trying to keep busy during lockdown that enabled her to spring her fabulous ideas into action. She also tells us about using social media as a marketing strategy. Summer’s interview is inspiring and insightful to anyone wishing to put their creative pursuits into the business world .

Summer Dunscombe – Field To Home

On Wednesday Ellie posted her interview with Harry Cutress, a dating coach. This is a career we hadn’t previously thought of, and he tells us all about how he accidentally ended up in it. He has helped many people gain confidence in themselves and describes how this is reflected in not only their romantic relationships but their social lives and careers too. Harry’s plans for the future are exciting as he aims to expand his business further.

Harry Cutress – ‘An Insight into the Life of a Dating Coach’

Thursday’s post was Kirsty’s interview with the renowned @skinbylottie on Instagram. For anyone wishing to start up a successful Instagram page, whether that be to promote beauty products or not – Charlotte’s interview is one to read.

‘Skincare and Skinstagrams ’ with Skinbylottie

This week The Notable’s first ever video was posted on Instagram. Ellie and Kirsty ask each other quick fire questions so our viewers can get to know a bit more about our writers. For a bit of entertainment this one is worth a watch!

Next week is Fresher’s a Week on The Notable – stay tuned!

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