Summer Dunscombe – Field To Home

Helena Nuttall

“I saw an opportunity and I decided to run with it.”

Summer founded Field to Home earlier this year – creating and selling accessories for the home, all inspired by countryside sports. She has very kindly taken the time to answer some questions we had for her about what motivated her to set up her business and what it’s been like so far.

Can you tell us a little bit about Fito Home? When did you set it up?

Field to Home started from my love of country sports, the excitement of the sound of cartridges going off in the air, and my love of any interior accessories. The idea first came to me in January whilst on a game day when I wanted to make simple products like keyrings or coasters; however due to busy weekends and a hectic work schedule I could not find the time to actually do something about it. However, when lockdown struck, I knew I had to fill my weekends and evenings with something, so I decided to make my dream a reality! Although I was still doing my day job, (I was lucky to be able to work from home), I was able to make designs in my lunch break.

What inspired you to start up?

My inspiration came from seeing small start-ups online and seeing how something small (and if you put your mind to it) could turn into something incredible. I saw an opportunity and I decided to run with it. My parents have always been intuitive and told me to try anything, so I took a risk and I was fortunate enough for it to go somewhere. I remember when I started getting followers on Instagram and thinking that people were actually interested in what I was doing; that was an amazing feeling.

Have you faced any challenges so far with running the business, and if so, how have you overcome them?

I have been lucky enough to not have faced too many challenges so far, except for not realising how much stamps cost (they cost A LOT) and undercharging for delivery! Obviously, I have had to face a couple of unhappy customers, but isn’t that a part of any business? I’ve just tried to stay as positive as possible and offer back the service that I would want to receive. Kill them with kindness is my moto and it seems to work.

What would you say is the best thing about running Field to Home?

I would say the best thing is the creativeness that I have been able to unleash after years of writing assignments at school and university. I forgot how fun it is to get glitter and paint on you, like you would use to in kindergarten! I would also say I love the community that I have built on Instagram. Everyone has been so supportive and I have met some incredible girls online who were really lovely during lockdown. 

Would you say social media (e.g. Instagram) is the best way to market your products?

Instagram has been an amazing tool and has definitely helped me to get an excellent following and it really allows me to market my products in different ways. When you combine stories and grid posts it really helps engage and gain followers. I also like that people have been able to see me, rather than just the products – I think if customers can see that you’re just a normal girl trying to show off her products people are going to want to know more and retain a bit more loyal to you. 

Do you have any advice for people wishing to create and sell their own products?

GO FOR IT! Honestly, if this adventure has proved anything to me, it’s that you cannot hold back and you just have to take a leap. Start small and really focus on one or two signature products; you want to focus on quality not quantity. I also think making sure you have a really clear brand image to create consistency (and if you’re using Instagram you want your grid to look aesthetically pleasing), this will make you stand out and people will want to be seeing more of your products and updates be released. Lastly, be yourself and make sure that you are loving what you are doing, it will really show in the quality of your products!

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