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31/08/20 – 06/09/20

This Week On The Notable

Helena Nuttall

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It’s been an exciting week on The Notable! With 3 exciting posts, the launch of our Facebook page and over 300 followers…

On Monday I blogged about an inspiring TED Talk given by Sarah Lewis titled Embrace The Near Win. It’s all about how we can use our failures along the way to propel us forward, and ultimately achieve more than if we were to succeed first time round.

Embrace The Near Win

Ellie’s Wednesday post was an interview with Aled Luckman, whose roles include Local Councillor, School Governor and Law Student. He tells us about what it’s like to be one of the very few younger members in such roles, the challenges he has had to face as a result, and lends advice to all those in the process of embarking on a new career. His words are incredibly honest, informative and inspiring. We are so grateful to Aled for giving up his time to be interviewed – please do give it a read if you haven’t already!


Thea Hurley Bennet was our fabulous interviewee for Kirsty’s Friday post. She took a year out of university to complete a placement and interned at L’Oréal. She tells us about what it was like to move to London, and her tips for anyone thinking of applying for an internship. Thank you Thea for your wise words! Click on the link for the full interview.

Thea Hurley Bennett – An Interview With A L’Oréal Intern

Lots of exciting things ahead – stay tuned!

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