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24/08/20 – 30/08/20

This Week On The Notable

Helena Nuttall

Notable people. Notable stories. Notable ideas.

On Monday we launched The Notable, with a post telling you all a little bit about ourselves and our reasons behind starting the blog. Our aim is to create an inspiring platform for those wishing to excel in their careers. On our website you will find interviews with business owners, book reviews, lifestyle advice and more. We are very excited to expand our website and thank you for your support so far.

On Tuesday evening Ellie and I had a fabulous chat with Amy McDonough, a make-up artist, business owner and charity fundraiser. She set up her business (Pretty Faces by Amy) 3 years ago, and has since relished being her own boss and getting to do what she loves everyday. Our interview with her was posted on The Notable by Ellie on Wednesday. On here Amy discusses everything from how she got the courage to start her business, the challenges she has had to overcome along the way as well as her plans for the future. Thank you Amy for being such an inspiring interviewee!

Meanwhile, Kirsty was working on a post we launched on Friday, Everything You Need To Know About Networking. Her piece was inspired by J Kelly Hoey, a networking and social media expert. Kirsty debunks the myths associated with networking and explains to us how easy it can be to network from the comfort of our homes by reaching out to people via various social media platforms. Kirsty’s blog is very informative, I would recommend a read if you haven’t already!

We have lots of exciting content planned for next week, stay tuned!

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