Belinda Avery – Employment Lawyer & School Director

Helena Nuttall

“I work in the law and in education. I am an employment lawyer and school director.”

How do you stay motivated on a day to day?

I stay motivated on a day to day basis by reminding myself just how lucky I am to have all that I do, top of my list being a large happy healthy family and the ability to work, influence and contribute to society. I try to look at life from a positive “can do” perspective, and when I find life challenging I will often turn to exercise to lift my spirits or to help me put things in perspective.

How did you get into running, and do you have any advice for anyone wishing to start?

I was introduced to the huge benefits of running by a flat mate ( former Royal Marine commando) back in my university days. At the age of 19 I discovered the benefits of longer distance running which helped keep me grounded during the rigours of Law School. Since then I have run many half marathons and three marathons. My advice to those new to running is to start gradually and build up distance slowly. Always stretch before and after a run, and invest in a really good pair of running shoes half a size to a size bigger than your usual shoe size.

A book you think everyone should read, and why?

My book recommendation would be “The Kite Runner” by Khaled Hossaini, to remind us all how fortunate we are to live in a democracy free from relative war and oppression.

Do you have any advice for people who have recently been made redundant, or are struggling to find a job as a result of the current circumstances?

My advice to anyone being faced with redundancy is to seek professional advice if you believe you cannot challenge the redundancy. If you prefer not to do so, then stay motivated and positive by seeing the lifestyle change as a huge opportunity to make a new start, perhaps changing career or embarking on a new project or acquisition of another life skill. We can all, to a significant degree, be authors and authoresses of our own destiny.

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