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Podcast: How To Quadruple Your Business in 1 Year with Clay Clark

“Vision without execution is hallucination”

In 2014 Clay Clark founded, an online business training website that seeks to meet entrepreneurs with the success that their companies deserve. John Lee Dumas’ most recent podcast interviews him to find out more about his method and why it works.

Clark’s tone is energetic and colloquial; he begins by confessing a domestic issue he is currently facing regarding racoons getting at his chickens. While this is eccentric, and a seemingly irrelevant point to start on, he cleverly creates a comfortable atmosphere for his listeners by discussing something so close to home. It is clear that for Clark’s guidance to work most effectively each client must be able to fully open-up to him about what it is they would like out of life, and what they are hoping to achieve within their respective businesses.

Every client begins their journey with Clark by completing a thirteen point assessment. The purpose of this is to to assess the goals of the business, and discover what Thrive15 can do to ensure these goals are achieved. The assessment is available and free for anybody to complete online. For anyone wishing to take this further, and invest their money and time into being professionally coached, up to 10 hours is taken to compose a rigorous plan for each client.

Clark divulges his 6-step plan, which goes as follows:

  1. asks client for specific goals
  2. finds out who the company’s ideal / likely buyers are
  3. gathers passwords (this sounds ominous but really Clark is just making an organisational point here – if you know all your passwords, you are likely to be organised)
  4. ensures a company’s website is accessible
  5. creates an effective ‘About Us’ video for the website
  6. devises a ‘no-brainer’ (an irresistible deal designed to kick-start sales, an example of this is a hairdressing company that Clark has helped to grow, which asks its customers for only $1 on their first haircut)

The podcast is inundated with examples of companies that have achieved success through Thrive15, for example a client that tripled their cleaning company’s number of leads in spite of the ‘COVID chaos.’ As John Lee Dumas puts it, Clay Clark ‘gets results.’

In the first half of the podcast Clark discusses his method, and the second half features one of his clients explaining how the method has transformed his company in ways beyond recognition. Before the break in the middle of the podcast, Clark leaves us on a heartwarming note. He says that life is too precious to waste time, and that it is wrong to believe that success can only be achieved by other people.

Aaron Antis, who used to deliver Domino’s pizzas for a living, now owns the largest home company in Oklahoma. Clay praises Antis not for his success, but for his humility to ask for help, and the belief he had in himself, as without this his company (Shaw Homes) would never have had any potential.

Antis confesses he felt demoralised before meeting Clark, as he had spoken to multiple marketing firms who all had a great pitch but then failed to deliver results. Following his first session with Clark he says he felt reluctant to go forward with Thrive15 as it offered an approach so wildly different to anything he had ever come across before, but he took a chance and has since seen a 338% growth in his business. Antis explains that what stands Clark apart from the firms he had previously sought guidance from is his outstanding communication skills, his extensive experience, his ability to see a situation from multiple perspectives and his extraordinary talent for pattern spotting, which is an unrivalled skill when working in sales.

While this podcast is obviously trying to sell its listeners the Thrive15 system for success, it is both informative and inspiring. If you’d like to finally ‘get in the game’ and learn how to implement your ideas, I would definitely have a listen.

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